Summary of Outcomes

This is a plan aimed at securing Australia’s economic future, protecting the world’s environment and improving the lives of all humans, today and into the future. It will:

  • Create the industry required to remove coal from our electricity supply, locally and for export markets, ensuring that our income from our current coal industry is not only replaced but increased.
  • Create the industry to handle nuclear waste and turn that into economically valuable power.
  • Create the industry to produce synthetic hydrocarbons to replace oil and its byproducts in use by millions of aircraft and billions of cars, trucks and other internal combustion engines.
  • Create the industry to build nuclear cargo shipping, removing oil as the fuel currently used.
  • Create the industry to produce synthetic meats for human consumption, reducing our reliance on farming and the issues with land use and animal welfare that relate to it.
  • Create the industry to create vertical farming systems that will increase our crop output per m2 again reducing our land use for food production.

Doing this will ensure by 2040 Australia has:

  • Maintained a GDP growth >5%/year average
  • Created high income jobs from industries that are value adding
  • Created 5 million new economy jobs (STEM)
  • Maintained high employment during the transition
  • Dramatically reduced CO2 emissions
  • Re-naturalised the land to the tune of 250,000 km2
  • Secured our water supply while reducing our impact on the environment